Hi, my name is Maya, I come from Australia and the guy next to me is Francisco. But you can call him Fran. We have been friends and business partners for many many years.

Fran and I are very passionate about what we do and enjoy teaching others. I hold an MBA and Fran is an entrepreneur who loves writing children books. Together we run a successful online marketing agency.

We would love to help you achieve your dreams of financial freedom; success and accomplishments; health and wealth and of course happiness.

You see, if you are here because:

➷You don’t know where to start or think you are not cut for this.

➷You want to learn to make money online or improve your game.

➷You have no coach or mentor or they are AWOL.

➷And finally but most importantly you cannot afford to waste your money or time.

Then, let me tell you something… You got to the right place

cos Make Money Online (MMO) and Internet Marketing (IM) are our things.

So, what is gonna be?

a) 1k per day Movement will train you on info products, aggressive affiliate marketing, paid ads campaigns, solo ads, funnels, autoresponders, etc.


b) Wealthy Affiliate will teach you website creation, blogging and copywriting, niche selection, keyword research, SEO, organic traffic, etc.

Take action NOW.

Maya and Fran